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Chickens are often called "the gateway animal" in the farm world because of their surprising ability to turn a small backyard hobby into a full-fledged farm.  What started out as chickens for Jason and Kristin Stutheit in 2009, turned into two beef cows in 2015.  Two cows then turned into four, and then seven, and then they outgrew the barn.  The small barn turned into a big barn, and now seven years later, 50 cows make their home at Pond Hill Farms in Brooks, Maine.  Jason and Kristin started raising their own beef so they could know where the food was coming from that they fed their family.  Now they are sharing their quality meat with others who also want to know that they are eating healthy, humanely-raised, local meat.  100% self-certified grass-fed through the State of Maine, Pond Hill Farms has Angus, Hereford, and Waygu to choose from to stock your fridge and freezer.

About Us: Our Farm
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